Saterplant is a family business with 25 permanent employees and up to 60 seasonal workers. Being young with an innovative and powerful team we have the manpower for big jobs.

Our five main cultures are:

  • Pot-grown conifers
  • Christmas assortment Chamaecyparis Ellwoodii, Picea glauca Conica and Ilex aquifolium and meservae
  • Little Garden assortment in P11. An all-season changing plant concept with a high recognition value through pot color, tray and image label. Pure or mixed in the tray.• Grasses in assortement
  • Grasses in assortement
  • Cherry laurel in assortement

We produce on 50 ha of container surface and 3ha of greenhouse area from the cut to the finished plant itself. Our specialty is the cultivated area of sandgravel, which brings the following advantages for the crops. The plants:

  • are rooted in the ground
  • are more resistant to stress in midsummer and winter due to root damage
  • do not dry out so quickly
  • stand stable even during storms
  • have better nutrition even outside the pot

We will be certified shortly to MPS ABC, Global GAP and GRASP and produce our plants in pots of 100% recycled material. The special feature is our colored pots in taupe, these are recyclable and are not used thermally like black pots.

We deliver our goods preferably on CC containers, but also many actions packed in boxes. Our customer structure comprises food retailers, DIY, garden centers and further manufacturing companies from all over Europe.