Whether a genuine Saterplant® product or goods from south-eastern Europe: what difference does it make where my plants come from?

Environmental Aspects and Production Conditions

Some plants from south-eastern Europe have travelled more than 2,000 km on a truck by the time they are in front of you in a shop or have been delivered to your home by an intermediary. A journey lasting many days, which is not only bad for the plants, but is also questionable from an environmental point of view due to the immense transport distance, when plants of the same quality can be grown in Germany.
Another important point: production methods. Outside the EU, issues such as fair wages, the question of working hours, and safe and environmentally sound production conditions are unfortunately often far removed from standards that we in Germany take for granted.
With Saterplant® as a domestic supplier, you can always be sure that you have a quality product produced in northern Germany that meets all standards.

For healthy, robust and therefore long-lasting plants,

let’s take a closer look at the structure of the plants on offer. The means of modern plant protection gives producers the opportunity to “trick”. Trimming plants so that they unnaturally reach a sellable target height more quickly or creating a certain colouring or growth by artificially oversupplying them with certain substances is not a problem from a technical point of view, so unfortunately it is common practice in the market.

Again Cheating and "Doping"

However, this “doping”, designed purely for the moment of sale, damages the plant in the long term: over-rapid growth and too much plant protection agent strengthen neither the resistance nor the natural development of a robust hedge plant. Moreover, the use of some plant protection products has long been banned within the EU (but is practised by producers outside the EU) or is more than questionable for reasons of the associated soil input, regardless of their legal authorization.

Our Saterplant® Philosophy is Crystal Clear:

  • We have been a successful, North German family business for over 45 years. Our position as the largest producer of pot-grown conifers has only been possible thanks to a dedicated team with great expertise.
  • We provide our plants with everything they need to be hardy and optimally equipped for a long life in your garden. We consistently avoid any unnecessary use of plant protection.
  • Our efforts lead to a natural growth of the plant, so that it can continue to thrive evenly and naturally in your garden. We refuse to “dope” in order to achieve height quicly or to use a colouring that is supposed to promote sales. We focus on sustainably healthy plants.

Finally, we would like to recommend the Saterplant® online shop for guaranteed first-class plant quality from northern German production – for hedge plants that will last for decades and give pleasure.

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Buying plants from Saterplant
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