Say hello to the Honey Bell!

There's honey in there - for bees and resellers!
With our Cephalanthus occidentalis Honey Bell in C 3, you offer your customers a quality product from Saterplant®. As a domestic supplier, Saterplant® always guarantees that you have a quality product produced in northern Germany that meets all requirements - for healthy, robust and therefore long-lasting plants (read more).
Honey Ball Logo - There's honey in there - Hedge plants for bees and resellers!

Four arguments make the Honey Bell a unique addition to your customers' gardens:

It magically attracts bees and bumblebees.
It provides insects with the best nectar.
It flowers beautifully.
It is frost-hardy to -25°C

A Honey Bell flowerball.

Four arguments make the Honey Bell a must-have in your range:

  • The Cephalanthus is still rarely found today. Saterplant is bringing this beautiful flowering plant onto the market for the first time in quantities. With your order you have the chance to be one of the first providers in Germany for the innovative Honigball®.
  • There’s honey in it for you too: for the market launch we are offering the Honey Bell in sets of six. For resellers, the price is €47.94/set, which corresponds to €7.99/plant. This price includes 5% VAT and includes free shipping within Germany. The recommended retail price to the end customer is €14.99/plant.
  • In addition, the plants come with an extra large picture label that highlights the benefits of the plant and links to an information landing page for the Honey Bell in our blog for further details, care instructions, etc.
Saterplant Hedge Plants - Red Cephalanthus
A Honey Bell flowerball. Photo: Bob Peterson,
Licence: CC BY-SA 2.0

We stand firm:

  • We deliver directly and conveniently to your point of sale, with plants dispatched in August and September, prime flowering time.
  • With the Honey Bell we offer a top product that is a completely frost-hardy flowering shrub. The summer blossoms of the Cephalanthus consist of spherical flowerheads, which consist of a good 80 white tubular flowers. The stamens with their yellow pollen protrude from them and give the spherical flowers a soft silhouette.
  • With this market launch, we are countering the previous high prices owed to the rarity of this plant – with a healthy margin for everyone involved.
  • The product is presented in the best possible way through the picture label and the subsequent landing page, and will also inspire your customers.

We look forward to receiving your order, and are always available to answer any questions you may have:

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